RKit-ARM (Released 2012/01/27)

New targets:

. STM32L High-Density (HD): STM32L15xxC, STM32L15xxD


. Allow filtering the RLink Serial Number in Ride and RFlasher for
Cortex devices. This feature only works in Windows Vista and 7, and
does not work in Windows XP. For debugging this feature requires
either RLink-PRO or RKit-ARM Enterprise. It is not limited for
. For Cortex devices, use watchpoints as breakpoints for addresses above
address 0x20000000.
. Add GUI option for disabling program headers alignment (-N).
. Add option for skipping Erase and/or Programming before debugging.


. Add error message when user tries to place a breakpoint on an address
that cannot support it.
. Correct error message when custom startup file name contains only
. Correct handling of custom startup file name it starts with spaces.