New Targets:

. STM32F101xG
. STM32F050x6
. STM32L152xC
. STM32W108x8
. STM32W108xC


. Hot Plug: new Cortex Debug option for starting a debug session without reseting, erasing, programming.
. Smart Reload: new Cortex Debug option for erasing and programming only when the code has changed.
. STM32W Option Bytes: Implement Option Bytes support for STM32W family.
. STM32L Templates: Add missing default startup for STM32L1xxxD High Density (384K Flash) from latest ST library
. STM32W Templates: Add templates (default startup and linker script) for STM32W family.


. Cortex Debug Crash: Correct crash in Cortex Debug on C step into indirect call to 0.
. STM32 Prog: Avoid erasing Option Bytes when not requested (if possible) and avoid erasing them several times when requested (or required)
. STM32 Prog: Cortex_pgm.exe: Correct behavior of option O with no argument.
. C++ exceptions: Correct default linker script for including C++ exception data.
. Cortex Debug: Prevent unwanted Stop if Run is launched in the few seconds just after Start Debug.
. STM32L Templates: Update default startup for STM32L1xxxB Medium Density (128K Flash) from latest ST library
. STM32 Prog: correct Program+Verif+Protect process.


. Start replacing references to Raisonance by references to KEOLABS in install, docs, examples, copyrights, etc.

Obsoleted Tools:

. JTAGJet: Signum JTAGJet cannot be used anymore, starting with this version of RKit-ARM.