New Targets:

. STM32F437xI, STM32F437xG
. STM32F427xI, STM32F427xG
. LM3S5D91


. Improve refreshing of data during hardware debugging.
. Add option for reading the values of the STM32 Option Bytes to program the device from the elf/hex files (rather than from project options). Update some examples for using this new method. The old method still works, and the old projects will continue to work as they used to.
. Standardize, cleanup and simplify STM32 devices names: Hide old, non-standard names, but allow old projects to work as before.
. Add TestAll example for STM32F103RB REva Board.


. Correct creation of new CircleOS projects for STM32F103VG and STM32F407IG EVO Primers.
. Remove some erroneous "out of code" and "execution error" messages at the start of debugging of some applications.
. Activate Read-On-The-Fly for STM32F0 devices.
. Correct Flash dump on STM32F100 using OP4-RLink.
. Correct prog and dump on STM32L using JTAG.
. Correct behavior when activation of STM32 RDP is requested from Ride.