New Tools:

. Open4-LAB / EvoPrimer-LAB
For owners of the OP4-RLink, Open4-LAB or EvoPrimer-LAB
extension, this version of RKit-ARM allows to upgrade
the firmware (version 1.0.6) of Open4 bases and EvoPrimers
in order to turn them into Open4-LAB or EvoPrimer-LAB.
It also allows to write on the SD Card, the files
required for using the Open4-LAB/EvoPrimer-LAB
in standalone modes.
With this version (1.0.6) of the firmware, the standalone
features (programming, monitoring) only support the SWD
protocol on STM32F target CPUs.
Other target devices will be supported
by future versions of the firmware.
For more information see the Open4-LAB documentation,
which is included in this release.

New Targets:

. STM32F429xG, STM32F429xI
. STM32F439xG, STM32F439xI


. Add Cancel button for Erase and Program operations.

. Save hex image of last programming in project directory.
Allows to obtain sorted versions of your hex files
for using them in Open4-LAB later.


. Correct refreshing sequencing:
Avoid data (dumps, watches, ...)
blinking or remaining grayed out.

. Correct programming of STM32 Option Bytes
from files that contain no data for Option Bytes,
or only for a part of them.

. Remove incorrect "main not reached" error message
when connecting for debug in Hot Plug to applications that
set the target CPU in Power-Down mode.