New Targets:

  • STM32F7 (Cortex-M7)
    • STM32F756xG, STM32F756xE
    • STM32F746xG, STM32F746xE .
  • STM32F4
    • STM32F446xE, STM32F446xC .
  • STM32F0
    • STM32F091xB, STM32F091xC (display on)
    • STM32F098xC
    • STM32F070x6, STM32F070xB
    • STM32F030xC


  • Cortex-M7 support in project manager and simulator.
  • New version of GCC compiler, 4.9.3, with Cortex-M7 support. Warning for customers using lib nano and custom linker script: you must now link lib_nano instead of lib_s. This change is automatic if using default linker scripts.
  • Improve C stepping when few breakpoints are available/remaining.
  • Improve data refreshing and error recovery processes: better support of temporarily unavailable information (e.g. during flash erase, low-power states, SWD com issues, etc.)


  • Multiple inheritance support corrected in watches.┬á
  • Correction of RAM size for some STM32F3 and STM32F4 devices .
  • Correct stepping on Cortex-M0 with interrupts active (interrupt masking was not activated)


  • JTAG support is not implemented with STM32F7 in this version. Only SWD works with STM32F7 in this version, with both RLink and STLink. JTAG works with other devices when using RLink.