. Circle_STM8_Mgr.exe crash fixed.
        . Corrected compiler warning about enum out of bounds.
        . Don't use constant propagation on volatile variables.
        . Don't allow absolute functions to be inlined.
        . Compiler didn't correctly handle warning C265.
        . Inlining of large functions with local jumps greater than 128 bytes
          used to jump out of code!
        . The compiler SRC mode didn't correctly handle initialized absolute
          variable in page0.
        . Various compiler optimization regressions fixed.
        . Disassembly of CPW X,([shortptr.w],Y) wasn't correct!
        . JRxx STM8 instructions with pre-code weren't properly disassembled.
        . Cleaner SWIM error recovery and reporting.
        . Support of [ptr.e] as CALLF/JPF/LDF operand in the assembler.
        . The assembler didn't recognize [longptr.e] and ([longptr.e],Y) (LDF).

        . Simulator is faster thanks to compiler switch from Borland C++ to
          Visual C++.
        . Added Post Link Tool.
        . Updated compiler documentation.