. Compiler supports __asm__ statements made of assembly instructions.
        . The __attribute__ keyword can be used to speciy special attributes to
          C functions (noinline, weak, ...)
        . The assembler provides the weak directive.
        . Linker supports weak and strong (default) symbols.
        . Compiler warning for too large enum values wasn't enough accurate.
        . __FLASH__last_used_address__ symbol pointing on last byte occupied by
          code on Flash.
        . Compiler supports the predefined macro __BASE_FILE__
        . New compiler directive nopathinmacros to remove the file path in the
          __FILE__ and __BASE_FILE__ predefined macros.
        . Compiler supports #warning preprocessor directive.

        . Compiler used to improperly generate an error message on unions only
          made of bit fields smaller than 8 bits.
        . Compiler engineering fixes.
        . Simulator used to improperly set the return address to next section
          when RET is at 0xFFFF.
        . Fixed crash when programming one byte at the EEPROM start address.