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Ride7 Version Release Notes 2011/04/22
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 Raisonance S.A.S. All rights reserved.

Thank your for choosing Raisonance development tools for your microcontroller

These are the release notes for the Raisonance Integrated Development
Environment called Ride7. These notes include specific information about the
Ride7 software including current version, new features, fixes and known



SECTION 1 General information
A. Supported configurations/platforms
B. Supported toolsets
C. Supported hardware debugger/programmers

SECTION 2 Version history

SECTION 3 Known limitations

SECTION 1 General information

A. Supported configurations/platforms

Raisonance tool sets and Ride7 operate on Windows 7 (including 64-bits),
Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. Other versions of Windows, including
Windows 2000 and Windows Server, are not supported.

B. Supported toolsets

Ride7 depends on Raisonance toolsets (RKit) for functionality specific
to given microcontrollers, such as debugging, programming, compilation
or code optimization.
In addition to defining debugging and programming capabilities, RKits
include C compiler, assembler, linker and optimization tools.

Ride7 integrates control for the following RKit toolsets:
. RKit-51: For 8051 microcontrollers.
. RKit-ARM: For STMicroelectronics, NXP and TI-Stellaris ARM core-based
. RKit-C816: For Semtech and Electronic Marin C816 core-based
. RKit-PPC: For STMicroelectronics PowerPC-based microcontrollers
. RKit-STM8: For STMicroelectronics ST7 and STM8-based microcontrollers

Microcontroller support depends on the RKits that you have installed
with Ride7. For further information, see the release notes for your
RKit. Once you have installed an RKit, you can view the complete list of
supported devices in Ride7.

C. Supported hardware debugger/programmers

Ride7 drives the following hardware tools for debugging and programming
target microcontrollers:
. RLink: "standard" and "pro" versions of the in-circuit
. Signum JTAG-JET

SECTION 2 Version history

Ride7 (Released 2011/04/22)


. A new licence protection scheme has been implemented in Ride7 and the
. The Sentinel Protection Installer drivers have been upgraded to
version. 7.6.3, in order to offer Windows7 support.
. Extensibility has been redesigned in Ride7 and uses a new framework to
easily integrate user's favorite tools. It is now possible to add new
commands, toolbars, context menus to the IDE, launch any external tool
or JScript code. Several ready-to-use samples of Ride7 plugins (such
as CVS integration) are installed with Ride7.
. User-configurable post-link commands are now supported.
. Ride7 project manager and debug manager automation (script
controlabily) have been reworked and extended. Some examples show how
to use the automation system to generate automatic "Build reports", or
"Debugging Logs".
. Ride7 Autocompletion system has been significantly improved and now
supports JScript and C++ files. The edited files are dynamically
preprocessed to grey-out code that is inactive due to conditional
compilation, and highlight user defined types.
. Numbered Bookmarks allows users to create and recall bookmarks by
using numbers. User can create 10 bookmarks (starting from 0 to 9).
Bookmarks are saved in projects and could be used from one session to
. Edition "Block-mode" is now available. You could select a rectangular
region of text by holding down the Alt key while selecting a region
with the keyboard or mouse, then copy/delete/paste blocks.
. Improved popup menu of tabbed documents.
. Improved Welcome Page
. When a symbol in selected in the source code, all instances of that
symbol are highlighted in the document.


. Editor Settings (Options | Editor Preferences) have been reorganized
and improved with some new options. It is now possible to:
- Select to activate automatic indentation
- Select to autoindent or not opening brackets
- Select to autoindent or not closing brackets
- Select to gray out inactive code
- Disable code folding
. Project|Clean will no more delete project .lib files.
. Project|Clean will remove building info to enable a clean build.
. Improvement of command Editor|Toggle comment
. Fix of broken watch list from one debug session to another.
. Improved Autoindentation system.
. Calltips still active when typing function parameters.
. Undo is still available upon save.
. Empty Editor view upon save has been fixed
. Various engineering fixes.

Ride7 (Released 2010/06/18)


. User-specific tabulation sizes are now supported in the editor.

Ride7 (Released 2010/06/15)


. "Find In Files" Settings are saved and restored between two sessions
of Ride7.
. Editor Settings (Options | Editor Preferences) have been reorganized
and improved with some new options. It is now possible to:
- Change the editor background color.
- Display line numbers.
- Disable current line highlighting.
. During a debug session, a new command "Debug | Step Asm" will execute
a single step at assembly level whatever view is active.
. Choice for the Ride6 keyboard scheme or Visual keyboard scheme.


. Fixed crash when removing editor lines with breakpoints.
. Project components are reprocessed upon build in order to check for
missing files.
. Fixed problem of delay when opening "Add Watch" dialog box.
. Editor content is saved before toggling between "Hex Mode" and
"Text Mode"
. Dropping files on a group will properly insert the files to the
corresponding group.
. Reset of the local options will only reset the options for the
currently selected configuration.
. Syntax highlighting was sometimes erroneous for files opened through
clicking on an error tag.
. RFlasher7 automatically reloads the last loaded application upon
. Script timeout corrections.
. "Step" commands were sometimes erroneous when debugging Hex or Binary

Ride7 (Released 2010/05/25)


. Ride7 will automatically call jscript event handlers defined in
. Trace of expressions in simulation mode.
. Projects are now saved upon modification.
. Displays the number of executed cycles in simulation mode.
. Integrates 8051 development kit.

Ride7 (Released 2010/01/15)


. Some keyboard shortcuts were not availaible from the disassembly
. New scripting functionalities for automating Ride7 (build and debug
. A "Cancel Build" command is now available to force a failing build
process to terminate.
. When opening projects, Ride7 now checks for missing files and displays
a status information.
. Improved speed in handling big projects.
. include files are displayed only with the filename part.
. projects are saved before build.
. The editor will not change the order of the tabbed windows from one
session to another.
. It is now possible to compile a standalone file (not in a project)
directly from its popup menu.
. The user can build and debug a standalone source file without having
to create a project.


. The process of loading Binary and Hex applications has been enhanced.
. Script errors are now handled by Ride7 (not directlry reported to the
. Printing after a print preview could generate a system fault.
. RLink errors aborting the debug process could generate a Protection

Ride7 (Released 2009/09/08)


. Application Option|Directories|Include path does not change
the order of the path anymore.
. Project management: Opening large projects has been speed up.
. Changing a project directory could cause failures during project
build. This issue has been fixed.
. The display of union variables has been corrected.
. The display of peripherals data was not properly updated during the
execution of the application. This issue has been fixed.

Ride7 (Released 2009/07/24)


. Build speed optimization: The dependencies database has been optimized
so that build speed is better on large projects.
. The RKit was not functional if not installed in a directory wich
finishes by the Ride component. The installer now takes care of this
specific requirement, and forbids installation in an unappropriate
. Three MFC dll needed were not installed.
. The installation file is not an .msi file.
We provide a .exe file so it can be right click and executed as
administrator when working on Vista. This avoid a lot of issues
concerning software activation and debug.

Ride7 (Released 2009/05/20)


. The installer technology has been improved, and is now based on Wix.
. The derivatives can now be selected in families/subfamilies during
creation of a new project.


. In some crash cases, the keyboard and menu configuration could get
lost, resulting in keyboard shortcuts to be unusable.

Ride7 (Released 2009/04/02)


. It is not possible to create a project with an empty target anymore.


. Ride7 has been enhanced in order to handle large projects faster.
. In previous Ride7 versions, system errors during debug sessions
(such as RLink disconnection) could leave some debug windows open
even after the debug mode was left.
. Fixed the management of some errors that could leave some memory
. Ride7 Installation was requiring some useless ODBC components, which
are not installed anymore.

Ride7 7.14.0001 (Released 2008/10/24)

. Syntax highlighting was sometimes disappearing. This has been
. When opening a file in the list of most recently used and the file was
nonexistent, Ride was crashing. This has been fixed.
. The trace pane has been rewritten to avoid some crashes when resizing.
The zoom in/out functions have been implemented.
. Display of arrays in the watch debugging pane has been improved for
better readability.
. The documentation files are now opened in an external instance of
Acrobat Reader, for better readability and ease of use.

Ride7 7.10.0000 (Released 2008/07/24)

New target microcontrollers:

. STM8S microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics
. ST7FOX microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics, including automatic
RC oscillator calibration using RLink


. Updated RLink driver allows operation on Windows Vista 64-bit
. Global variables are not initialized by default when using RKit-STM8.
Globals were initialized by default in previous versions.
. Updated STM8 (ST7) Compiler, Linker and Assembler documentation.
. REva v3 documentation.

SECTION 3 Known limitations

. RBuilder is not available for STM8 and ARM core-based devices.
. Ride7 does not support Ride 6.10 script files
. Ride7 does not integrate support of the Cosmic and Metrowerks STM8 or
ST7 C toolsets.

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