. Compatibility with new RKit-STM8 activation process.

. New Monitoring feature allows to log variables to csv file.

. New command to import a whole directory source files (Project|Import).

. new commands to expand or collapse the project nodes in the project tree view.

. 'Find In Files' could search in the entire project files.

. the name of the currently selected application is displayed in Ride7 title bar.


. Fixed the bug of the current selection after building the application.

. Watched Arrays display is no more limited to 1000 elements.

. Debug Start command will automatically launch the 'Startup' application, and not the currently selected application.

. Ride7 will no more change the filename case.

. The current direcory would be set to the application directory when running the link process.

. Fixed the broken watch when displaying a character with the value of 0x3C.