. New Project View popup command 'Generate Makefile': to create a
makefile for building the currently selected application.
. New building toolset 'Make file': to use a makefile instead of Ride7
build system.
. New Project View popup command 'Debug without Make': to start
debugging the application skipping the building step.
. New commands for the 'Build Log' window: toggle Word Wrap mode,
navigation commands.
. New 'Incremental Search' tool bar.
. New command 'Find References' to find all occurrences of a symbol in
the project.
. New 'Watch' window popup command 'Go to memory location': to highlight
the variable address in memory dump views.
. New 'Watch' window popup command 'Insert as a new expression': to
insert a new watch expression corresponding to the current selection.
. Improved display of watch expressions with additional information
including address and type of variables.
. Support of casted expression in the 'Watch' window.
. Support of C99 long long (64 bits) in the 'Watch' window.
. Ctrl+Double Click and Ctrl+Triple Click add the word or line to the
set of selections.
. New command 'Reset Layout' to reset the workspace layout to the its
default settings.
. New command 'Open header file' to open the header file
corresponding to the currently edited source file.
. New 'Autosize' mode for data views that recalculates the number of
bytes per row to fit the size of the view.
. New command for data views to hide or show the ascii values.
. Drag and Drop of directories in the project tree view will import the
directory files to the currently selected application.
. Linker output directory can be specific.


. Slow building process for projects with large number of files.
. Slow debug process when watching complex expressions.
. Missing titles for auto-hide panes.
. Autocompletion lists will scroll when mouse wheel spun.
. Incorrect highlighting in C++ lexer for continued lines.
. Incorrect styling by C++ lexer after empty lines in preprocessor
. Incorrect styling of inactive code in C++ lexer.
. Rectangular selection range after backspace.
. For C #include statements, does not treat // in the path as a comment.
. For C/C++, recognises exponent in floating point hexadecimal literals.
. C++ lexer fixes problem with inactive sections when preprocessor lines
contain trailing comment.
. Only display address of arrays in tooltips.