. New command to sort project groups and source files.
. 'Watch' window popup menu displays the currenty selected format.
. More information in tooltips when hovering over keywords (typedef,...)
. Improved search functionalities.
. New editing navigation commands available from the main tool bar.
. Auto Watch window.
. Highlight of modified values in dump views, watch windows and
peripheral views.
. Generated makefiles also delete listings and dependency files.
. The current configuration could be directly selected from the main
tool bar.
. New Plugin script that increments a defined Build number at each build
of the project.


. Wrong display of number of items per line for data dumps.
. Various issues with project symbol database, auto completion and
'Go To Definition' feature. Please use 'Project|Clean' command to
update properly your project's symbols database.
. Disassembly view scroll bar up and down commands.
. Crash on empty projects.
. 'Locals Inspect': Properly retrieves variables in current lexical blocks.