. Improved support of C typedefs in watch display. A tooltip with the
'pointed' type can appear over displayed type.
. When setting a watch range it isn't possible anymore to set start
index higher than last index.
. Corrected handling of breakpoints on C lines that are associated with
multiple disassembly addresses.
. Improved 'FillSave' functionality in disassembly view.
. Debugger now supports labels.
. Added 'Find References' under debug.
. No more support for Ride6 PDK (ExtPeri6.dll isn't provided anymore).


. Corrected display after a range decrease that used to leave remaining
records (watches).
. Refresh of arrays in local/auto watches after a range change.
. Fixed crashes when using 'Plugins' dialog box.
. 'Run to Cursor' removes temporary breakpoints upon execution.
. Correct support for display of array items 0 and 1.
. Breakpoints set from Symbol List weren't automatically displayed in
the Source and Disassembly views.
. In some cases, the symbol address wasn't properly retrieved in the
Symbol List when toggling breakpoint, going to memory location, ...
. The Search References is now working in the Symbol List.
. Corrected toggling address flags in the Flags view.
. When a tool outputs "no error" it means no error!
. Corrected FindReplace functionalities.