Can I use the RLink on the REva board to program an external board ?

Q. Can I use the RLink that is on the REva board to program/debug target CPUs on other boards, such as custom boards and demo boards from other companies ? If yes, how ?

A. Yes, but Raisonance do not recommend this and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by this type of use.

WARNING: This is not recommended by Raisonance. When using the 24-pin connector on the REva to connect to another board, the RLink is connected to both the REva and the external board. Electrical conflicts can cause physical damage to the tools. Any tool damaged using this connection is not covered by the Raisonance standard warranty or support and maintenance agreement.
  • For REva version 2.x: Detach the RLink from the board as explained in the REva v2.x documentation.
  • For REva version 3.x: This procedure is explained in the REva v3.x documentation.