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August 12, 2011 - 4:10am


I am trying to automate programming of an image to the STR912.
I can successfully use CAPS to generate an OBJ file containing HEX file and Configuration bits.
Then STR_pgm can be used to successfully program.

Is it possible (via command line) to generate / convert a HEX file (as output from Ride7) to the required OBJ format as needed by STR9_pgm.
I do not care about configuration bits, user code, OTP. Also, I only want to program one of the banks. Therefore, I believe, only the HEX file plus specifying the desired bank will be needed in such a tool.


PS A better option is to allow STR9_pgm to program a HEX file, when region (R=1 or R=2) specified with maybe another 'H' flag.

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August 12, 2011 - 10:25am
Raisonance Support Team


The CAPS installation installs a "uMerge.exe" application for doing just that.

For data consistency issues, STR9_pgm cannot be modified to directly take hex files as input.
For the same reason, even when using uMerge or CAPS, you cannot just ignore the Configuration as you request.
The explanation is quite complex but I'll try to put it short, ...
1. The osf files contains data for each Flash bank, which is what the programming software _needs_ to know for programming.
2. The hex files contains data at the address at which the CPU will see it during execution, which is quite useless for the programming phase.
3. The relation between these two addresses depends on the content of the Configuration and other things that do not appear in the hex file.

Therefore, if you provide just a hex file to the programming software, it has no way to know the address at which the data should be programmed...

But if you managed to run the whole process by hand once, it should be easy to replace CAPS by uMerge.

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