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March 21, 2009 - 11:40am

I'm trying to start a new board with a ST7FOXK1 for the first time!
New controler, new tool (R-link). As using RIDE7 seems to not be "simple" with assembly I'm using ST STVD7.
To test I'm using a program already running on a ST7LITE19. I've adapted the "BYTES" word and the ports init. I'm able to build my project to program the device to run step by step but nothing happends? I've reduced the program to just the init and setting a port to light a led!
I suppose there are some registers, not existing on the ST7LITE19, I have to write but I've looked for a while and don't find them! Maybe the interrup mapping is different (segment "vectit")?
Could someone help me ? A little exemple project just to drive a port will be welcome!