Topic : programming PSD813F2 with R-Link and PSD_pgm

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May 8, 2014 - 11:55pm


As per the discussions in your forums, I have got a R Link programmer with me and have installed Ride7
I am trying to program PSD813F2 with this but I have a .jcf file and a .obj file.

As per your forums I need a .jci file and a .osf file. I do not understand as to what these files do?
I have .jci file with me but whenI try to progam the PSD813F2, it shows that the R link did not identify the device on the JTAG chain.

Can anyone help me with this. I am even not able to erase a device. I think I am not able to communicate to it.
PSD813F2 has a 6 in JTAG connector, So I am converting the24 pin of R link to 6 pin via 24to 20 pin connector.


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June 10, 2014 - 9:03am
Raisonance Support Team


Raisonance doesn't support PSDxxx devices.
For more informations you should ask ST but I don't know if they are still supporting them.

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