Is the Raisonance 8051 compiler obsolete?

Q.  I was told that the Raisonance 8051 compiler is obsolete, but I still see RKit-51 on this web site. What does this mean?

A.  Because of declining interest in 8051 microcontrollers and the Raisonance 8051 compiler, IoTize SAS (owner of the Raisonance brand and tools) chose to stop selling this product.

The Raisonance compiler is very stable and has not been modified since March 2018. Users may continue using this software "as is" and at their own risk and discretion.


  • There will be no new releases of the software for any reason
  • There is no direct support for the software (phone, email, bug database on this site)

Users may use the documentation that is included with the software installation, FAQs and forums.

Users who choose to continue to work with the RKit-51 can generate an "Enterprise" serial key. To do this:

1.  Log in to your support site account.

2.  Go to the RKit-51 download page:  

3.  Click on the button "Generate and Send Serial Key" at the bottom of the page.

4.  Activate the license normally using this serial key. Instructions are provided on the download page.