The RKit-MRK is an obsolete product and no longer benefits from direct support, correction or updates.

If you already have a license, you can continue to use it 'as is' and within the limitations indicated in the release notes. All software versions are provided for download in the table below.

RKit-MRK (also called OM6710) is the software package that defines the specific features of the Ride7 integrated development environment to include: assembly toolchain and libraries, supported MRK and MRK II microcontrollers, available hardware tools and advanced features. 

Download, Install & Register


#1 Login

   Login using the dedicated MRK login and password that you received when you purchased the MRK tool license.

Warning: for your license activation support requests and notifications, you must create your own user account for the Raisonance support extranet. To do this after you downlload the MRK software:

    -  Log out (you cannot create an account if you are logged using the generic MRK username)
Select Create an account
    -  Enter username and email address, click on Signup

An email is sent to you automatically. Click on the link in that mail to enable your account. If you encounter problems, notify

#2  Download & Install the Software

Warning: Before running new installations, uninstall any previous versions of Ride7 and/or Raisonance RKits.

    -  Download Ride7, RKit-MRK and the MRKII Device Installer from the table below.
    -  Install Ride7, then RKit-MRK then the MRKII Device Installer

Note: The MRKII Device Installer includes device support files and additional tools provided by NXP for the MRKII family.

#3  Activate Your Software in Ride7

Note: If you do not activate the software, it will function for 30 days in evaluation mode. After 30 days it will stop functioning.

With your USB dongle, activate your software:

    -  Launch Ride7
    Connect your USB dongle to the PC
    Select Help > License...
    -  Select Dongle activation, click on Next
       Your USB dongle is identified by Ride.
    -  Click on Next
    -  Click on Get Activation code online

Clicking on "Get Activation code online" opens a browser window to the Raisonance Support extranet. In this form:
    -  Confirm your personal username and email
    -  Click on Generate and Send Activation code

An e-mail with the Activation code is sent to you automatically.

    -  Copy and paste the Activation code into the field provided in Ride7
    Click on Close

Ride7 and the RKit-MRK software are now registered and activated. You can confirm the activation of your RKit-MRK tool set. In Ride7, click on Help > About Ride7...