What does "Error 103 - Error reported by DTC" mean ?

Q. What does "Error 103 - Error reported by DTC." mean ? I get this message when using the RLink. What can I do when I receive it ?

A. "Error 103" indicates that there is an error from the target.
     "Error reported by DTC" indicates that the RLink's
data transfer module did not receive a response from the target, or that it received an inconsistent response.

These errors are usually due to physical communication problems between the CPU and RLink target. This may be a bad connection on the debug (JTAG, SWD, SWIM) or Reset signals, a power supply problem, or (unlikely but possible) an external source of interference.

In rare cases command errors (target selection for example) can give this problem.

On a single board this problem can be more or less visible depending on the command, on the new content that you want to program, and even on previously programmed content.

With older software versions (RKit-xxx), this error appeared for no reason because of a software bug. This problem is corrected in current versions.

Here are the things to check when you are in this situation:

  • Does the same command (with the same parameters and the same hex file) work on another board?
  • Do other commands work on this board? (try the examples provided with Ride7 or from the board manufacturer).
  • Have you installed the latest versions of the software? (Ride7 and RKit-ARM).
  • Has the board been altered or custom components plugged?

If yes, then remove these changes as much as possible and see if the problem persists.

If none of this helps, contact our support team. Be sure to provide all the required information:
software versions, complete log, and complete command (with hex file(s) if applicable) and also, the communication sub-step that fails (connect, erase, blank-check, program, debug, etc.).

For fastest and best support, please complete this form: RLink support