Where do I find the Site Code and MID information to get an activation code?

Q. Raisonance support asked me for an RKit software version, Site Code and MID to activate my software. Where do I find this information?

A. If you are doing an online activation, just follow the activation instructions on the RKit download page. Ride7 automatically detects the necessary information and this information is sent to the Raisonance server when you click on "Get Activation code online."

If you are requesting an activation (typically because the PC does not have a network connection), then:

  1. Launch Ride7 as Administrator.
  2. In the Main menu bar, select Help > About Ride7...
    Here you will see the version of the RKit that you are trying to activate.
  3. Select the RKit and click on Change License.
  4. Select the Serialization method that you use (Serial Number, USB Dongle, or RLink), click on Next.
  5. Ride7 will show your Serial number (if using a USB Dongle of RLink, this hardware must be connected to the PC), click on Next.

    This displays the Activation window. In this window you have all of the information required for an activation.

    Here, you can click on the "Get Activation code online" to retrieve an activation code on your own. This does require a network connection.

    If you don't have a network connection, note this information or take a screen capture and send it by email to Raisonance support.