Topic : Problems installing in non-default directory?

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November 30, 2007 - 3:40pm

Dear raisonance forum,
I have first inastalled the Ride in c:\upsd\ride directory.
It has worked fine just few times, then it has given to me some problems: the ice emulator was not found, the projects loose the source file, also the examples won't work etc.
In the past, for the same problem, I just have reinstalled once all the package; it seems to work just a couple of work sessions, then it loose again the source file in the projects etc.
So this time I've digged a bit further and I've seen in the Options-Projects that it defaults to c:\ride dir.
So just I've copied all the dir c:\upsd\ride on c:\ride, and now all seems to work very well.
I f I start the ride from c:\ride, all ok; if I start from c:\upsd\ride (please note the dirs are identical!), it don't works.

Can you tell me if the non default path can be the reason for the strange behaviour?


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December 8, 2007 - 10:10am

For the uPSD examples, the problem is not within RIDE but with the PSD configuration tool (PSD Express, CAPS). For these tools, the only solution consists in regenerating the configuration files.