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January 3, 2008 - 6:55pm

RIDE quits when starting a download using a Silicon Labs EC2 (serial) module. I've used this EC2 and target for a long time, most recently a few weeks ago. Today, the first time I returned to this setup, RIDE reprogrammed the EC2 and then quit at the start of the download. It's been that way since; regardless of which RIDE project I try to download or which com port I choose.

A Silabs USB adaptor does download to the target. Also, the EC2 adaptor will download when driven from Silicon Labs own IDE. One thing has changed; in the past the Silabs IDE would reprogram the EC2 before using it and RIDE would re-reprogram it afterwards. That doesn't happen now.

It looks like the adaptor and driver aren't talking. Could this fault be related to the revised Silabs driver which I got in November from Frances Lamotte?

Either way, my EC2 is unusable. I do have USB adaptors but must get the EC2 working again for dual-target development

regards Steven Pruzina