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September 3, 2008 - 1:23am

I'm using Ride Ver 06.10.11 80C51 Toolchain Version 6.4.28.

When I open an existing project there are between 5 and 30 red 'S' breakpoints lit up with the entire line of code in red. I did not set these breakpoints and do not use the simulator. It is painfull to remove each of these breakpoints one by one. When I save the project then reload it the breakpoints are back again!

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to stop it?


Bert van den Berg

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September 3, 2008 - 10:28am

Hi Bert

I am working with Ride 6.10.22 and Toolchain 6.4.44 and do not have this problem.
Also I did not find report about such a problem with older version.

Some points I would like to understand:

1. Have you always had this problem or did it just appeared now?
If it just appeared may be something is broken in the software
You can try to save your projects somewhere before uninstall and reinstall Ride6

2. Is it specific to a project or a group of project?
Does it happens with the example projects that are given with the IDE

3. Concerning the erase of breakpoint
When you start Debug you should be able to erase all break points by doing "Debug->Clear all breakpoints"or "shift F5"
Does this work or you do not want to use it because you want to keep some breakpoints that you placed by yourself?



September 3, 2008 - 7:30pm

Hi Matloub,

I am not using the debug feature. My Ride does not have the options for clearing all the breakpoints. If I go into debug it still does not offer the option for clearing all the breakpoints. "Debug->Clear all breakpoints" does not exist in the menu options and "shift F5" does not do anything. If I put the cursor on a red line and press F5 it does erase the breakpoint but I have to do this on every single red line and there are now a LOT of them.

This problem has only recently started to happen in the last two weeks.

I have loaded some older projects and they do not have the same problem.

There are four modules in the current project and only the main module has this problem.

I closed the project and rebuilt it from scratch and the problem has now gone away - strange.

Thanks for the suggestions.