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November 24, 2008 - 4:45pm

Using the standard project CAPS file with some short asm/c code, I'm able to see the micro registers update (acc,dptr,etc) when single stepping using the DK3400 eval board. I modified the CAPS project file by adding PLD logic in advanced mode and recompiling the CAPS. My memory image seems the same and looking at the pin assignment I don't have any PLD assigned to the JTAG pins, but now when I single step, it seems to step OK like before, but acc,dptr,etc won't update on the register dialog window (only the PC counter increments). Also rd/wr will pulse (on the micro itself) when using the project CAPS, but I don't get any rd/wr pulses when using the modified CAPS file. I'm not modifing the c/asm code at all during these 2 scenarios.