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February 17, 2010 - 3:17pm

It's clear that Ride6 has troubles with multi-core processors, now I think to have one handy solution: we have to set the "affinity" of the "ride.exe" process to 1 this can be done manually looking for the "ride.exe" line in the taskmanager's processes list, then right click for opening the "affinity" menu, here you can set how many cores this process must use. (in this case set it to 1). In case you are bored of doing it manually you can download this utility called "process.exe"  at .   Copy it to the "windows" folder and create a .cmd script like this: cd c:\ride\bin start ride.exe process -a ride.exe 01 now, instead of launching directly ride.exe, you can launch this script that will force ride.exe to use always only one core, and probably will avoid crashes. Bye Bye Massimo Marolda