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April 16, 2010 - 3:47pm


I have been using RIDE7 (RKit51E) for a couple of days now.
I am developing for the Silabs C8051F410, and use the USB ICE to debug my proto application on the C8051F410 development kit.
However the more I debug, the more error messages I am getting.

During a step over debug, I am now constantly getting:
OPI Driver: Error in SiLabsDrv driver
When I select OK, I get
OPI Driver: Step is not over yet. Go on ?

If I answer YES, I get the first error again,
If NO; I some times get more errors, or continue to my code.
When I do a step over again, we get the first error again.

Sofar I have tried a few measures that previously helped:
1) Stop debugging, and start debugging again
2) Or recompile, and start debugging again
3) Dis and reconnected the ICE together with 1)
3) dis and reconnected the board power together with 3) and 1)

But I keep getting these error, which makes debugging almost impossible.

I am also wondering how many breakpoints can be set with the SILabs USB ICE ?
In my current project I have 2.

Hope that someone can help me.

Best Regards,

Robin Stevenhagen

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April 21, 2010 - 4:18pm

Hi Robin

If I understand the problem you describe is not easy to reproduce!

I suggest we first try to eliminate some hypothesis:

- Is the issue related to the application?
Do you know if it happens with your project only or if it would appear with any project.

- Is the issue related to our debug software
It could be interesting to make test with IDE from Silabs and check if you observe the same behavior.
From silabs IDE you can drive our compiler and so test the debug of the same application from a different IDE.
This would give information about where to search for.


April 22, 2010 - 9:26am

Hi Matloub,

Thanks for your answer.
This is my first project with the SiLabs chip and RIDE7 IDE.
In the last couple of days I noticed that the problems mostly occur, when I try to set a third breakpoint.
At this point I get multiple eror windows thrown into my face.
When this happens, I am unable to move any of the already set breakpoints, until I have removed them all. Then I am able to set 2 breakpoints again.
I also noticed that in some cases I also get SILabs driver errors, when I have 2 breakpoints set, and am tracing through the code.

Best Regards,


April 22, 2010 - 11:49am

Hi Robin

You have identified the problem, it is the number of breakpoints.
The number of breakpoints which can be set is 2.
After having set 2 brekpoints the only possibility for the debug is to make some step by step.
But this takes a lot of time and result to error from the driver and or these popup.

I can only suggest to not set more than to two breakpoints.