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September 6, 2010 - 3:43pm

I have started first real time project based on kernel KR-51..
Under compilation process I have message at the end of post. I did not find any reference in docs of RC51.
RC51 used with IDE Ride7.
May some one advice what is the possible source of problem?

Running: RC51
"C:\Program Files\Raisonance\Ride\Bin\RC51.EXE" "c:\myprj\RTOS\2LED.C" QUIET GENERATEDEPFILE OJ("c:\myprj\RTOS\2LED.obj") PIN("C:\Program Files\Raisonance\Ride\Inc;C:\Program Files\Raisonance\Ride\Inc\51") PIN("C:\Program Files\Raisonance\Ride\\inc\51\TI") NOAM CD PR("c:\myprj\RTOS\2LED.lst") FP(NOFLOAT) IP AUTO IS SIGNEDCHAR ET(CHAR) PR SB PL(60) PW(80) DB OT("7","SIZE") RB("0") MAXERR("25") MAXWAR("25") CP MOD517(NODP8,NOAU)
RC51 COMPILER V03.04.10.078 Evaluation (4 Kb code limited)
Copyright (c) Raisonance S.A.S. 1987-2010. All rights reserved.
*** FATAL ERROR : Too many tasks for kernel use ACTION : (null)

Build failed

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September 21, 2010 - 8:36pm

You are running the 4KB code limited evaluation version. Is that what you intended? If you purchased a license you'll need to activate it.

According to the website:

"A 3 task-limited version of the KR-51 RTOS is available as part of the free RKit51 Toolset. The unlimited KR-51 with up to 125 tasks is available as part of the RKitE51 "Enterprise" version of the tool set."

Assuming you are probably running the "internal" version (KRY) this will be further limited down to 2 available tasks as 1 task is used by the kernel itself for scheduling. So, in essence, you get just enough tasks to try out the feature.

Look at section 2.9 in the KR-51 manual regarding the kernel models.

I purchased the "lite" version of the toolkit. It provides more tasks (7 or 8) and is very useful for the price.

Hope that helps.