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January 26, 2011 - 5:17pm

I just upgraded to RIDE Version 7.
When i'm simulating a project, many important things are missing. Target controllers AT89C51RC2 and AT89C5131.

- The timers aren't simulated anymore, the registers are set correctly in the main-register window but the timers won't run at all (TCON resp. TRx is set...). Also the Timer-symbols are missing under peripherals.
simple test-program:
void main (void)
TMOD = 0x11; // both timers 16 Bit, no start-values
TR0 = 1;
TR1 = 1;
if (TF0){
TL0 = (65536-25000)%256; // set to 25ms
TH0 = (65536-25000)/256;
TF0 = 0;
P2_0 = ~P2_0;
if (TF1){
TL1 = (65536-50000)%256; // set to 50ms
TH1 = (65536-50000)/256;
TF1 = 0;
P2_1 = ~P2_1;

- Where is the trace-window gone?

- How do i include user-defined tools in RIDE7 ? Until now (Ride 6, Rkit 761) we are using FLIP and BATCHISP to automatically download the HEX-files.

I'm using the free version with my students.

B. Spitzer

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January 26, 2011 - 7:23pm

when i select the AT89C51, timers are present and simulated. Then i tried other ATMEL-8051's. Funny results...
The T89C51CC01 and CC03 are both missing the timers, wehreas the small AT89C2051 and 4051 have mor then enough. The simulation gives 3 Timers and 4 Ports - but THEY only have two ports and two timers...

Time to check the Simultion-Profiles??? Or has this something to do with the .sim-Files in Ride\sim\51?? Or ist the sim_X.dll lost?

January 27, 2011 - 4:16pm
Raisonance Support Team

o Currently Ride7 doesn't support ATMEL derivatives.
o Trace window menu: View/Debug Windows/View Trace
o Tools will be available in next Ride7 release.