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January 6, 2012 - 3:09pm


I use Ride 7_7.28.10.0075 and RKit-51_6.05.10.0078_eval and every time I want to build a project I'm getting the following message:
----------------Make Started: 'Ampelschaltung' in configuration 'Standard'--------------------------

Building C:\Users\Jan\Documents\Schule\ITG\13\IT\Lumpp\CT_Projekt_Ampelschaltung\ampelC1.c

Build failed

Here it is my own project but it also happens when I try to run a project that worked in school or one of the examples.
I've heard about problems with the path and not install it to C:\Programm Fies\ so I've installed it directly to C:\ with the same results.

I've also heard about problems with msscript.ocx
Maybe somebody could help me to fix thaht.

My OS is Windows Vista (I comments please)

It would be nice to get some help