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September 12, 2009 - 10:38pm

i try to programing st7fmc2s6 with rlink
i use STVP under XP but i can't
i try it different computers but nothing changed
when i read sector i can reed come characters are different but i get lot of FF
when i make continious reading to Option Byte lot of times i read "FF FF"
but some times "23 DC" with same chip at next reading i get "FF FF" again
i can't write any think
when i try to write option byte program gives
Error : Option Bytes Erasing failed.
when i try to write sectors
Error : Problem while downloading monitor
when try to erase
Error : Sector Erasing failed
when make blank check
Error : Problem while downloading monitor

i look ports with oscilloscope it seams every think is okay,
use St's FMC2 Control board and its ic is 7fmc2s6t6

try same thinks with xp, vista and xp with servicepack3,
i think not about driver because i use different drivers but nothing changed
and not about usb driver IC i tyr it with desktop and laptop also,
my jumper stting is only 12MHz and Pw-5V is connected others are open
measure pcbs path and no open circuit from programmer to chip
and remove PW-5V jumper and give 5V from board nothing changed
i measure 5V port at chip it is 4,9V
Gnd is short circuit with programmers gnd
all(pull up) resitors is on board no one is missing
my rlinks icc adapter version is 1.2

1. Questions on the RLink...
1.1. Does the PWR LED turn ON when you connect RLink to the PC?
1.2. Is the USB driver correctly installed?
1.2.1. Does the BUSY LED turn ON and then OFF when you connect RLink to the PC?
1.2.2. Does RLink appear under the Jungo section in Windows device manager when it is plugged?
1.2.3. What is your host system? (CPU, version of Windows, service pack(s), etc.)
xp,sp3, intel t5500
1.2.4. Can you read the RLink Serial Number? (open RFlasher, select any ST7 or ARM device as target and RLink as programmer, click "connect to RLink")
yes from Rflasher7
Note: if you think that the USB driver is not installed, reinstall RIDE or run "RLinkUSBInstall.exe",
which is available on the RIDE CDs and in the RIDE installs.
1.3. What is your RLink(s) Serial Number? (see 1.2.4. above. the SN is NOT written on the RLink itself)
firmware ve: 0.0.3

2. Questions on the target...
2.1. What is your target CPUs? (we need the complete name of the derivative.)
2.2. What is your target board(s)?
2.2.1. Please send us the schematic of the board.
2.2.2. If it is a commercial board, what is its manufacturer and exact reference? (and have you modified it?)
st, not modified
2.2.3. What is the configuration of the jumpers and switches on the board, if any?
dont have any jumpers about programming
2.2.4. How do you power the board?
i have same problem with external power
2.2.5. If we need to get the real board for testing, under what conditions would it be possible? (sign a NDA, return it after the tests, ...)

3. Questions on the problem itself...
3.1. Please describe the problem you are experiencing as precisely as you can...
cant write
3.1.1. What software are you using? (RIDE, RFlasher, CAPS, STVP7, ...)
STVP 3.1.1
3.1.2. What is the simplest sequence of operation that we can perform in order to trigger the problem?
3.1.3. How does the problem manifest itself? (please write down all error messages, if any, or make screenshots)
3.1.4. Did the problem appear in a configuration that was working before?
3.1.5. If the answer to the previous question was "yes", can you think of anything that changed between the last time it succeeded and the first time it failed?
3.2. Do you have any comment or personal interpretation of the problem? (Please give it to us)
3.3. Please make a few tests...
3.3.1. If you have other software, (from ST, Signum, ...) do they all show the same problem? (please tell us what you could test and how it went)
3.3.2. If you have other programmers/debuggers, even other RLinks, do they all show the same problem? (please tell us what you could test and how it went)
3.3.3. If you have other boards/CPUs, (demo boards, ...) even other boards identical to the one showing the problem, do they all show the same problem? (please tell us what you could test and how it went)
3.3.4. If the problem appears with a particular application, can you send us your project?
Note: If we need it, we will need the complete project folder, including source, include, object, hex and listing files.
In some specific cases, the hex file might be enough, but we cannot guarantee that.
We can sign NDAs if this information is confidential.
We can work with a reduced version of the application, if it shows the same problem, but we need a complete project that we can recompile here.
3.3.5. If you only have one application, please try to reproduce the problem with one of the examples provided with RIDE, or try to reduce your application until there is only the minimum remaining for showing the problem.

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September 28, 2009 - 10:51am
Raisonance Support Team


There is already a clock (crystal X1) on your board, so you must remove the 12MHz jumper on the RLink ADP: You only need one clock and if you have two, they can interfere with each other.

Please unplug this jumper and see if it makes a difference.

If there are still problems, please check with your oscilloscope that the crystal is still oscillating; You might have damaged the oscillator by sending conflicting clocks. You could also try to unsolder the board's oscillator and use the one from RLink instead.

Basically, make sure you have one clock and only one.

I hope it helps.

Best Regards,


October 2, 2009 - 12:53am

i remove 12Mhz jumper but changes nothing,
i check with oscilloscope
Rlink's 12Mhz clock is still working and also boards(X1) crystal (16Mhz) is still working

i remove boards crystal and test again with 12Mhz jumper it gives
"Problem while downloading monitor" error
i connect programmers 12Mhz pin to OSC1 pin to microcontroller
programmer sometimes read 00 00 from option byte and sometimes fead FF FF
and rarely reads 2D 00, 3F 2D ,
and programmer read some characters from sector 2 and lot of times read full FF
and also cant write any think
now i mount crystal to board again but nothing changed
my boards schamatic is
J7 is for Rlink

thanks for your help
B. R.

October 16, 2009 - 1:17am

i bought an new 7FMC2 Control Board
but already i have problem before powering it from Power board
i have a question
ST7FMC2S6 cpu needs 13V Vpp ?
for erasing Option bytes and rlink can gives it?

when i try write or read flash it gives
"> Programming OPTION BYTE area...
System Memory Revision in device: 0
Error : Option Bytes Erasing failed.
Error : Programming failed on Option Byte
Error : < OPTION BYTE programming failed."

this error


August 25, 2014 - 10:02am

Dear All,

I have similar problem with mselcuk. I tried a lot of way but i could not solve. I can not upload any photo.

I can read and verify easily ST72F325J6 via RLINK(hardware)&STVP(pc software-relased by STMicroelectronic). But i can not programming or erasing. There is a problem related with erasing.

When i try programming to MCU, i take an error at %99 [Programming failed. Check tat device is erased before programming