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December 9, 2012 - 7:28pm

Hello Sir,

This is Sridhar worked in a embedded system company and we are facing some serious issue during our final release of our project. Actually we are using
STM8S208CB microcontroller and RIDE7 for our development.

Actual issue is we have declared global variables of size around 1Kbyte. And the microcontroller RAM size is upto 6kbyte. Some of the global variables are getting garbage values or undesired (not the exact values assigned in the code) values during runtime. All the global variables are declared as non static and initialized with some values. My question is how the global variables are updated with some unexpected values.We have noticed this issue during our debugging stage.

Is there any memory overflow happens or any compiler settings we have to do?

We are in a critical situation to deliver the product. So please guide me on this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Sridhar S

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December 11, 2012 - 9:00am
Raisonance Support Team


We would like to help you as quickly as possible on this issue, but we need to have more informations about the problem before we can help further.

In order to understand the issue you are facing, we need the following information about your configuration:

- Version of Windows: At a command prompt type the following command: "systeminfo.exe", which gives you a system report. We need the full "Operating System" and "Version" from the report.

- Version of Ride7 and RKit that you are using. You can get these from the Ride7 "Help | About" dialog box.

- Your Ride7 serial key or your RLink/Primer/Open4 serial number.

Please check from the Raisonance downloads page at that you are using the latest version of the tools.