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September 19, 2010 - 10:29pm


I am using an STM32F103ZET6 with Ride7. I am trying to make create a bootloader by placing the bootloading program at the top of the Flash memory, and my application will stay down at 0x0800 0000. When the user tries to upgrade the firmware through USB, the STM32 will redirect its programming to the bootloading program and take over from there.

I was reading UM0424 on the ST website and at section 4.6.5 (Page 42) it says to adjust the flash memory base to 0x0800 3000. I've been looking around Ride 7 trying very hard to find how to redirect the memory base address from 0x0800 0000 but I can't find anything.
Can anyone please explain how to do this?

Thanks in Advance,


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September 20, 2010 - 10:22am
Raisonance Support Team

Hi Patrick,

Writing a bootloader is a tough exercise, as you have found!

You need to use a specific linker script (copy the default one in your project directory before modifying it).
In your linker script you will have access to all relocation options, please refer to the GCC documentation for section location details.

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