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January 19, 2011 - 4:49pm

In the STM32 Daughterboards User Guide PB10-15 are mentioned to be connected to
jumper J2 as follows
PB15 J2.37
PB14 J2.39
PB13 J2.41
PB12 J2.43
PB11 J2.45
But I am finding that in the schematic that they are not. So if you
could please clarify.

Lokesh Siddhu

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January 20, 2011 - 9:12am
Raisonance Support Team


I just verified on a STM32F103 daughterboard. It works fine.

Just ensure that you are using the latest RKit-ARM, as the schematics have been updated. However, these were valid in the older version so you should not have any problem.
Another thing is to ensure that you are not using an STM32F107 daughterboard, as the schematics are different.


January 20, 2011 - 12:24pm

Oh I am sorry I didn't mention I am using STM32F107 daughter-board . ReVa v3.3 boards and Ride7. Could you please verify for STM32F107

January 20, 2011 - 5:49pm
Raisonance Support Team

Hi Lokesh,

I verified on the STM32F107 daughterboard, it works fine as well.
Are you sure you are counting the pins/vias in the right order? :/


January 21, 2011 - 2:25pm

I am using STM32F107 board.
I checked with a multimeter the connectivity between the jumper and the pins and somehow
find the connectivity is not there for STM32F107.

Lokesh Siddhu

January 24, 2011 - 10:34am
Raisonance Support Team

Hi Lokesh,

I got the explanation of your problem: Our REva_User_Guide_STM32.pdf documentation had some invalid references. We corrected the document, which will be up-to-date in the next RKit-ARM release.

Here is the (corrected) chapter 4.6 named "Inventory of the STM32F107-DB connections (by I/O port)"

PIN     REva    Function
PA0     -       CRS
PA1     -       RX_CLK
PA2     -       MDIO
PA3     -       COL
PA4     -       U_PWR
PA5     J2.64   SCK
PA6     J2.68   MISO
PA7     J2.66   MOSI
PA8     -       MCO
PA9     -       U_VBUS
PA10    -       U_ID
PA11    -       U_DM
PA12    -       U_DP
PA13    J2.11   JTMS
PA14    J2.9    JTCK
PA15    -       JTDI

PB0     J2.46   ANA IN1
PB1     J2.48   ANA IN2
PB2     -       BOOT1
PB3     J2.5    JTDO
PB4     J2.21   JTRST
PB5     -       -
PB6     J2.60   SCL
PB7     J2.62   SDA
PB8     -       TXD3
PB9     -       -
PB10    -       RXER
PB11    -       TXEN
PB12    -       TXD0
PB13    -       TXD1
PB14    -       A-G0
PB15    -       A-G1

PC0     J2.54   TEMP
PC1     -       MDC
PC2     -       TXD2
PC3     -       TX_CLK
PC4     J2.52   POT
PC5     -       U_OVRC
PC6     J2.50   PWM
PC7     -       I2S3MCK
PC8     J2.40   SW1
PC9     J2.38   SW2
PC10    -       -
PC11    J2.32   BT5
PC12    J2.53   SIG-0
PC13    J2.30   BT6
PC14    J2.36   SW3
PC15    J2.34   SW4

PD0     -       CAN-RX
PD1     -       CAN-TX
PD2     J2.55   SIG-1
PD3     J2.57   SIG-2
PD4     J2.59   SIG-3
PD5     J2.70   TX
PD6     J2.72   RX
PD7     J2.61   SIG-4
PD8     -       RXDV
PD9     -       RXD0
PD10    -       RXD1
PD11    -       RXD2
PD12    -       RXD3
PD13    J2.63   SIG-5
PD14    J2.65   SIG-6
PD15    J2.67   SIG-7

PE0     -       A_F1
PE1     -       A_F2
PE2     JP1.12  T_CLK
PE3     JP1.14  T_D0
PE4     JP1.16  T_D1
PE5     JP1.18  T_D2
PE6     JP1.20  T_D3
PE7     -       A_STDBY
PE8     J2.20   D0
PE9     J2.22   D1
PE10    J2.20   D2
PE11    J2.18   D3
PE12    J2.16   D4
PE13    J2.14   D5
PE14    J2.12   D6
PE15    J2.10   D7

Anyway the *best* way to play with this is to use the dugtherboard and REva schematics: As they are in searchable pdf format, it is very easy to follow a given pin/signal by searching its name in the pdf.

Best Regards,

January 24, 2011 - 9:34pm

i am new, but already used STM32F103 daughterboard file too. it seems quite interesting to me. but using with no run time error.