Topic : Can't to PC but nothing happen? (USB) STM32F107VCT6

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November 13, 2011 - 2:33pm

I facing a problem when i connect to my PC, the PC just don't recognize any hardware is connected.
I tried user boot, system boot, sram boot but all still the same.

Thus i facing a problem that i cannot use USB to program.

I loaded some simple applications like LED rivers by using JTAG in (user boot mode), and the LEDs is flashing and working. But once i remove the JTAG connectors and connect to PC by using USB. The LED is not on. I tried to switch to SRAM boot, it's still the same. Same as the PC, it just still don't recognize anythings. Even there is no unknown devices under device manager.

One thing to be sure is, the power is On to the board because the LCD showing blank with backled.