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March 9, 2012 - 2:11pm

Hello, I'm a new to embedded ... please have patience to answer my questions I found a simulated ARM7TDMI board in Proteus on which runs uCLinux. My goal is to make RTEMS run on the same simulated board before actually buying an ARM development board. In the link bellow you will find the schematics of the board.  <Broken Link>  In picture 1.bmp you can find the ARM processor and PERIPHERAL LOGIC controller. In picture 2.bmp you can find a detailed schematic of PERIPHERAL LOGIC controller. In picture 3.bmp you will find the address decoder and the memory mapping. In picture 4.bmp I got a screenshot of the console output when uCLinux starts. I got RTEMS to compile for arm7tdmi but I choose a random BSP. Can someone tell which BSP is suitable for this simulated board and modifications I have to make. I saw that the first instruction's address (after RESET) is the one at address 0x00. This address is in ARM's internal memory or in ROM0 ? How does uCLinux load in memory ? Hope I was able to ask the right questions so I can get the right answers Thanks.