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October 20, 2011 - 3:30pm

I have 2 pieces of RLink EM Pro v3.4 for EM6819, one of which is damaged. When damaged, RLink was connected only to the computer via USB - the connector was removed from the target board. The adapter ADP-LV v2.1 is also damaged - the integrated circuit MAX910 is visibly burned. The effect of damage is that RLink can not connect to the EM6819 but connects to the computer (I use the second adapter). The second RLink have no problems - I can program and debug the same target board.
I think it's broken the integrated circuit marked V3 (in the upper right corner near the 24-pin connector - PCB is positioned so that the USB connector is on the left).
What is this integrated circuit and what is the value of the capacitor near it?
Can the damage be due to other reason?