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April 17, 2012 - 7:37pm

I would like to use RLin-kPro on my Windows XP laptop but it gives error message: Cannot Install this Hardware There was a problem installing this hardware: Raisonance RLINKUSB Dongle. An error occurred during the installation. Access is denied. I read all forum related to RLink-Pro installation. I followed all steps that the forum recommended -- Uninstall completely and reinstall: I (1) uninstall driver from Device Manager, (2) remove all files from Windows folder that contains windrvr6 and RLinkDrv, (3) delete register key that conains windrvr6, RLinkDrv and VID_138E&PID_9000, and (4) manual driver search from

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April 18, 2012 - 10:40am
Raisonance Support Team

Hi, It looks like your Ride7 installation suffers from an administrative rights problem. This typically happens when Ride7 has been installed in administrator mode, but *not* with the "Run as Administrator..." option. there may be other cases where this procedure is needed. Here is a procedure that you must follow to reinstall your Raisonance tools, which will ensure that your installation is clean: 1) Download the Raisonance tools uninstaller from and execute it. It will remove all Raisonance tools from your disk. ***WARNING*** Be sure that there is no valuable data in your Ride7 installation directory and subdirs (including examples and projects created in the default Ride7 folder), as everything will be erased. 2) Download the latest Ride7 software and necessary RKit and place them in a *local* directory on your machine (i.e., NOT on a network drive, CD-ROM or on a removable drive) 3) Right-click on the downloaded Ride7 installation package executable and select "Run as administrator", then proceed through the installation stepsĀ  4) Right-click on the downloaded RKit(s) installation package(s) and select "Run as administrator", then proceed through the installation steps. 5) (First launch only) Click on "Start | Programs | Raisonance | Ride", then right-click on the Ride7 icon and select "Run as administrator", then open the "Help | About" dialog box. 6) Make a screenshot using the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. Open the "Paint" tool from Windows and paste the screenshot into it. You can save the screen copy to an image file for later use. Once the above steps have been followed, Ride7 should definitively be installed and in a proper shape. 7) You can optionally register your tools through Ride7 "Help | Licence" menu, following the instructions given. Please let us know when the problem has been solved satisfactorily. Regards, The Raisonance support team.