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November 3, 2007 - 5:38am

I spent today integrating the ST USB low speed example code from "RIDE/EXAMPLES/ST7/REVA/63B/COSMIC/ST7USBLS/" into a new RBuilder project (as an aside, why isn't USB part of the stock RBuilder support?).

In an effort to gain some level of order and organization on the sources, I attempted to put the sources into several sub-nodes:

| '- ...
|- ...
'- ...

However, what I found was that while ALL of the source files compiled correctly, the linker completely ignored all of the object files generated in the drivers->usb sub-node.

After spending several hours trying to figure out why the linker couldn't see the object files, I removed the 'usb' sub-node and put all the USB sources directly under the 'drivers' sub-node. I rebuilt and the application successfully linked.

Is this a known limitation in RIDE? If so, is there any way RIDE could emit a diagnostic that these files were being skipped by the linker? Failing that, is there or could there be a way to have RIDE emit the output from the compilation and link stages that it executes. If I could have seen these, aside from the dialog boxes that flash by far too quickly to read, perhaps I would have identified the problem sooner.