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July 30, 2008 - 4:59pm

In RIDE7 there is a great functionality of different configurations of the same projects. It is very useful when developing for several platforms at a time as I do. Configuration can be switched and added in the Project->Properties - edit-box in the top of the Properties dialog. The problem is that I can't remove not-used configurations from that list. The only way I found is to remove .xml files from project directories. I mean -globals..xml and ..xml. Note that these files appear only when you create and build the project with that configuration. So if you create some configuration and not build the project with it - the configuration remains in configuration manager but these .xml-files are not created. Next step is to remove appropriate sections and references in .rapp file that we have project don't know about created configurations. I hope there is normal way to remove configurations, rather that using my method.