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November 10, 2008 - 10:36am

Thanks for the new release. I have just downloaded it and started testing it.

I have a few things I still would like to see implemented in the IDE:
1) The ability to automatically strip trailing spaces from source files before saving.
Some developers (me alteast) Tend to add spaces when editing. Would be nice with an option to remove them on save.

2) The ability to run scripts/macros? There is a menu called "scripts", with one entry "Load scripts", but then what?
This solution could cover point number 1 and scripts/macros could be used for other things than stripping spaces.

3) The ability to run a command line command before and after compiling?
Some of my projects include files that is generated by other tools and the output from the linker might have to be processed by a third party tool aswell.

4) The ability to insert standard fileheader when creating a new file and inserting functionheaders (or other predefined code)
All our source code start with a standard fileheader and every function should be documented so that a Code documenting tool can create documentation from the sourcecode.

5) Support for running commandline tools from the IDE
Will make it possible to use version control tools and other tools from within the IDE

6) All of the above information should be stored in files that can be easily used by several developers.
In order to keep the scripts/macros/code snippets consistent from installation to installation it would be great if the configuration files for this could be shared.

Thank you for your continued development and commitment to improve RIDE. It would really make a difference if some of manual tasks I do today could be integrated into RIDE.. I spend the most of my time coding and like my editor to be configurable ;-)

Best Regards

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December 10, 2008 - 10:44am

7) Combine FileSearch and Search into one window. Makes it easier to switch between the two modes.. Make it possible to search Project, not just project directory or make it possible to select a specific list of directories to search.