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December 23, 2008 - 7:52am

Hi Ride Development Team:

I have noticed an annoying behaviour when adding double-slash comments to column 1. After adding a double-slash comment, pressing the down arrow (to move to the next line) makes the cursor jump to the next tab-stop at column 5 on the new line instead of at the first tab-stop at column 1. With this behaviour, it really is messes up fast commenting of multiple lines by simply pressing double-slash then down-arrow. Now, we have to add an unnecessary left-arrow sequence before entering the next double-slash.

Would you please consider fixing this next release.


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December 23, 2008 - 11:09am

Hi Garry

We note this remark in the list of improvements.

Here is what I can suggest to quickly comment code lines:

Where ever your cursor is placed on the line you want to comment, if you do right click and "toggle comment" it adds the "//" at the beginning.

If like most engineers you find it faster not to use the mouse, you can of course do it by pressing the contextual menu key and just after pressing the key "t". This is equivalent to go to the begining of the line and write "//"

So to comment several lines I usually select them with the "Shit+down arrow" and press the contextual menu and press key "t".