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January 21, 2009 - 11:57am


We are using a STM32F101_R8T6 with Ride7.
I found an issue in the LD linker script generation. The stack size is always set to Minimum Stack size (set by default to 256 bytes).
I had to modify the file "RIDE_INSTALL_PATH/Lib/ARM/STM32F10x_COMMON.ld" and set the variable : _Minimum_Stack_Size
256 bytes (0x100) was too small for us, so I change this value to 1024 (0x400).
No compilator stack section override errors was generated. Then we were observing hasardous embedded program behavior.

As I understood you use GNUtools.js script to generate LD script.
It should be better that the Ride7 user change the stack size value and stack start adress directly in Ride7 options.

Hope this information will be useful.