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May 22, 2009 - 8:19am

I m programming the St7 microcontroller using the Rflasher and the Raisonance kit. The interfacing adapter card used to program ST7 controllers is the RLink -ADP-ST7-STM8-V1.2. There are two jumpers that is the links shorted for Adapt and 12 Mhz. earlier the kit was working fine but suddenly it has stopped working giving the following errors.

Error reseting in ICC mode : No Response from the device

I tested the R Link connection option given in the Rflasher, The Rlink is able to respond showing up its serial number.

Then i connected another adaptor to Raisonace kit to program the arm controller. The programmer kit is working fine in that case.

I observed that there is something wrong in the RLink -ADP-ST7-STM8-V1.2 adapter.
I ve checked the N-channel Mosfets on the PCB. they re working fine.
Couldnt figure it out where is the exact problem in the adapter.

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May 25, 2009 - 6:29pm
Raisonance Support Team


First, you shouldn't need the Adapt jumper for ST7. It's only for low-voltage STM8. But that should not be the cause of the problem.

Now, from what you describe I guess the problem might be in the 12MHz clock. Can you please check if you have a 12MHz clock on it using an oscilloscope? (you need to test that with the target board powered, connected to RLink, and RLink USB connected to the host PC)

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