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June 17, 2009 - 12:54pm


Yesterday i tested the new release of Ride7 ( and RKitArm ( and i must
say that this realy solves the compile speed problems.

I use it on 2 systems, a desktop and a portable and did some speed tests:

On the desktop with an older release of Ride ( Ride - 7.16.0000 ) and RKit ( Rkit - 1.04.0001 ) the compile
time for my main project was 37 seconds

With the 7.20 release on my portable that compile time went up to 5m 01s so i decided not to install that on
my desktop

With the current release the compile time on my portable dropped to 1min 19 seconds.

I did not test my portable with the older release so i dont know what the results of that release would be.

While testing on the portable i found that there were improvements that i like so i also installed the new release
on my desktop and that gave stunning effect for the speed.

The compile time for the same project on my desktop machine went down from 37 sec. to 22 sec.

That is realy a job well done, my compliments.

(the undefined referene is still there but with copying older libraries i can solve that problem )

The Signum Jtagjet also works oke with this release so the things that made the previous release
unusable for me are now solved.

To see if i could explain the speed differences between the two system i used the performance test software from
Passmark and i found that although the cpu speed of the portable is 38% higher as the speed of my desktop it also
has a graphics card that's much slower (34% for 2d and 85% for 3d) as the graphics card of the desktop.

I suppose that the speed of the graphics card is causing the time difference between the portable and desktop.

The suggestion for improving Ride7 has to do with showing the value of variables when you are debugging.

When you put the cursor over a variable the value is written in a new window overlaying the sourcecode wich is fine.

However i use some structures in my source code that are rather large ( 27 member variables in the biggest) and i can
only see the first 5 or six of them since there are some long ascii strings that span over 2 or 3 lines in that window.

The total screen area available is much bigger so it would be nice if the window showing the variables could grow
to the maximum size allowed by the screen.

Kind regards,

Ed van Rijn

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June 17, 2009 - 1:29pm
Raisonance Support Team

Hi Ed,

Thanks for this detailed report. I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the new Ride7 version, as we spent lots of time working on this speed issues.

Concerning the size of the structures displayed in the hovering area (when mouse is placed above a variable), we limited this in a recent past. Displaying large structures was causing some problems such as saturation of the communications with the hardware debugger. If you need your full structure to be displayed just add it to the "Watch" window, and it will do the trick.


June 17, 2009 - 10:47pm


Thanks for your explanation on the size of the hovering area.

For most variables the hovering area is big enough so i don't use the watch window very often but
i will try it with the structure when i get back to the office on monday.

When i can see all members there then that is oke, i definitely don't need a hovering area that causes problems,
my own mistakes cause enough headaches for me.


Ed van Rijn