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June 22, 2011 - 10:55am

I have a bootloader in bank1 and main application in bank0. To download the bootloader , I used the
temporary solution during my development.What I used to do to put Bootloader in Bank1 is the following steps.

in Debug Options of Rlink Configuration tick both secondary box and configuration bit box
- make erase
- clik on load file and select "bootloader hex" file
- program
- Go Debug mode by pressing CTRL-D when you are in Ride7 project.
This is required to correctly initialize Configuration sector.

- Reset the power supply.
- The bootloader will start now

After this I used to select Bank0 and put my application hex file as normal way

But now my bootloader should go to the production line where the Ctrl -D is not relevent anymore. Because the production guy should open my
project in RIDE7 and he has to do a CTRL-D . I want to avoid this CTRL-D and instead set configuration register bits.

I want to know how I can do it and how to workaround this CTRL-D step to download the bootloader

Can you please help.

Thanks in advance,