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August 15, 2011 - 12:46am

Hi, I installed the Ride7 on my Windows7 system (Home premium).

My Desired Toolkit
- Ride7 + RKit-STM8 for Ride7

My Environment
- Windows7 Home Premimum 64bit version

My installed version
- Ride7 : Ride7_7.32.11.0112
- Rkit-STM8 for Ride7 : RKit-STM8_2.36.11.0201

Installation procedure is based on normal procedure.
1. Install ride7
2. Install Rkit-STM8 for Ride7

I changed the install-directory as below based on the information given by Mr.Bruno.
-> C:\Raisonance

I can activate the STM8 up to 32kB compilation without problems and it's recognized
'Lite Suite' at first.
But after 1 day, RKit-STM8 is changed to Evaluation Suite and show "Demo Period is over!"

I tried to activate it again. but cannot with error dialogue.

Although Mr. Bruno suggested to use the previous 7.30 version if this message is appeared,
it cannot use with the latest "RKit-STM8 for Ride7(".
And if i use Rkit-STM8 for Ride7(, it cannot be activated through website.
(the last activation system is missing?)

Is there the method to use Ride7(7.30) with Rkit-STM8(
or I want to know the method to use Ride7( + RKit-STM8( without problems.

Could anyone give me the advise?
Your suggestion would be appreciated.

Ride7 + STM8
-> At first, okay. but after 1day. it's de-activated and cannot activate again....
(first day : Lite Suite, but after 1day -> Evaluation Suite and Demo period is over!)

Ride7 + STM8
-> Ride7 can be installed. but STM8 2.36.**** cannot be used with it.
(Not supported, but i want to use the latest toolkit for STM8)
Installer shows an error message and installation process is finished.

Ride7 + STM8
-> can be installed. but activation procedure is changed. so cannot be activated.
When I enter the serial code supplied by extranet service, Ride7 shows
"Invalid serial code!" and i can't go forward...

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August 16, 2011 - 11:04am
Raisonance Support Team


There is no reason why this should happen.
Can you uninstall all the Raisonance tools, install the latest Ride7 and RKit-STM8 and re-register through

This should fix the things out.
Best Regards,

August 16, 2011 - 4:44pm

Hi, Bruno-san

Thanks for ur reply.

The following is my procedure.

1. Remove RIDE7 and related tools. then used 'raisonance remove tools' supplied by you.
I confirmed that all information related to Ride7 is completely removed.

2. I installed the Ride7 and 'Rkit-STM8 for Ride7' again.
My installed environment : Windows7 64bit Home Premium
RIDE7 : Ride7_7.32.11.0112
RKit-STM8 : RKit-STM8_2.36.11.0201

Install path: C:\Raisonance\Ride
(Because the '(' and ')' isn't recognized by Ride7 and it is recommended by you.)

Furthermore, i configured the option of 'Run as administrator' from "Property" menu.

3. After installation, i retrieved the 'Serial Key' from the extranet and set.

4. And then, i activated the Rkit-STM8 through extranet service.
(After this procedure, i can get 'Lite Suite')

5. It works well so far. but now my local time is 23:34PM.
After 30minutes, Ride7 cannot recognize the RKit-STM8 as 'Lite-Suite'.
It will be reverted to 'Evaluation Suite'...

"About" dialogue shows that 'Demo period over! Please uninstall for further Ride use.'

How can I fix this situation?
Your additional comment would be appreciated.

Actually, i installed and uninstalled the Ride7 to build my own project every day...


September 3, 2011 - 5:50pm

Although I still faced this problem, I always subscribe Rkit-STM8 as Lite Suite every time when I start the apps.

Anyway, i encountered another problem.

The following message is appeared with dialogue when I build the apps.


What does it mean?

Although I can build the project 10 minutes ago, but suddenly this message is appeared.
After this dialogue, i can't build the project with "BUILD failed" message.

Anyone can give some comment? it would be appreciated.

I also check the similar topic posted as "".
my PC is connected to network through WiMAX adapter. it always changes the Adapter number automatically.
is it related to the license activation problem?