Topic : Selecting STM32F107RBT6 bring up incorrect parameters in Ride7

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March 12, 2012 - 12:03pm


The entire STM32F107 range contains 64kB of RAM. However, when I select STM32F107RBT6, the RAM size come up as 0xC000, 48kB. ANd my build fails because I am using all the RAM up to 64KB.

I am currently using Ride7 Ver I have tried updating to the new version but my Rlink serial number fails the online activation for some reason. I also only have the standard Rlink, not the unlimited debug pro.

Is this fixed with an updated Ride7? I am reluctant to upgrade because my Rlink serial number keeps failing the online activation and I dont want my software to expire in 7 days time resulting in down time for me.