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May 29, 2012 - 11:30am

Hi all,

I am not a programmer, just an electronics engineer.
I need to program some boards for our customers that have a STR710FZ2T6 microcontroller on board.
We have a RAISONANCE RLINK USB programmer,
and now my problems:
1. we have an old laptop with xp pro on it and Raisonance Kit 6.1 that we use it to program these devices.
The programming goes well, but in case we want to re-program the devices it fails on erasing.
To be able to erase them we used an even older PC with Anglia IDEalist and a wiggler adapter that can program & erase the devices OK.
That very old PC is gone now, so we only have the option of Raisonance.
How can I erase the devices after programming?

2. Because the old PCs are gone, we've upgraded to Win7.
Installing Raisonance Kit 6.1 on Win7 does not recognise the USB RLINK adapter.
I went for the latest Raisonance, but when trying to install RKIT it says that it won't work without the RIDE7 IDE installed.
Of course I've first installed the RIDE7 IDE.
Even when starting the installation of the RKIT it detects the RIDE7 IDE as being installed on this machine, but later on it comes with the stupid message that it won't work without the RIDE7 IDE, please install first RIDE7 IDE.

Can anybody help me?
We don't need to develop any new software, just to be able to program the devices with the software supplied by the customer.


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May 29, 2012 - 6:13pm
Raisonance Support Team


Using the new software is the solution for both problems. (failed Erase and Win7 support)

Now about the failed installation on Win7 (which is probably a conflict between Ride6 and Ride7, or a problem with the real (hidden) name of your "Program Files" folder)...

Please first uninstall all previous versions of Ride6, Ride7 and RKit-ARM (and other RKits if you have any)
Then manually remove the folders in which they were installed
To be sure it would be better to remove the registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RAISONANCE using regedit
Then make sure you downloaded the latest versions of Ride7 (7.38) and RKit-ARM (1.38)
Then make sure you are logged in as Administrator.
Then install Ride7, but NOT IN THE DEFAULT folder. Choose a simple folder such as "c:\raisonance". (The folder displayed by Windows as "Program Files" is in reality something like "Program Files (x86)" and the parentheses often make problems.
Finally, install Rkit-ARM

I hope it helps.