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May 27, 2015 - 11:03am
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Hi Raisonance team,

I'm trying to build a bootloader + application project on a STM8L052. I followed your application note AN61, so I defined one global project with 2 applications below: one called bootloader and the other one application.
I went through all the forum and read all related subject without having all the answers, and here are the issues I'm facing:

1- Which "application" should be tagged as "Startup application"?

2- When starting the debugger, why only one application is loaded? only the one that was selected is loaded into code space. How can I do to load both bootloader and application?

3- This project generates 2 .hex files, how can I merge the bootloader and the application to have only one .hex file that contains all (code + eeprom -if any- + option bytes)?

4- Do you have an example project that I can download to have a reference on Ride7?

and last question is more linked to Ride7 interface:
5- when I start the debugger, the windows layout is not recover from the last debug session. So I need to put back, every time I launch the debugger, the debug windows at the right place. I tried to make save of the project after having properly set the windows layout but without success. What I'm doing wrong there?

Thanks for your help and support.