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May 27, 2015 - 11:05am
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I am working on a project targeting the STM8S003 using the Rkit-STM8 Lite. For debugging purposes I just moved from STVD and the STLink/V2 to Ride7 and the RLink. However the latter cannot cope with parts of my code. I run the application (F5) and Ride7 freezes as soon as an erase or write operation of the EEPROM is triggered. About a minute after the freeze I get the error message "OPI Driver Error (2750) No response from the DTC (Data Transfer Component) Terminating debug session." (Thank you very much for making the text in the error window copyable. Not!)

My EEPROM access routines are declared inram and are known to work by testing with STVD and STLink/V2.

The firmware version of my RLink is 0.0.3, my Ride7 is version 7.54.0083 and Rkit-STM8 is version (Thanks again for making this text copyable. Not!)